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Information for foreign nationals

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "North Caucasus State Academy" is located at the address:

369000, KCHR, Cherkessk, Stavropolskaya St., 36.

Phon: admissions committee +7(8782)-29-36-13 

WhatsApp: +7 (988) 711-23-91 Zulfiia Izhaeva

E-mail: ums@ncsa.ru

Information for foreign applicants for the 2024-2025 academic year!

Step 1 - Required documents:

1. A scanned copy of the passport (all pages) or Adhar card (for Indian citizens) - if the passport is not ready at the time of application (passport is required for invitation).

2. Notarized translation of a copy of the passport (first and last pages)

3. A scanned copy of the certificate of completion of secondary school (grade 12).

4. Notarized translation of a copy of the certificate of completion of secondary school (grade 12)

5. 6 passport size color photographs on white background (4.5cm/3.5cm)

6. Translation of NEET results (no notarization required)

7. Correctly completed Application for Admission form

8. Certificate of no criminal record

9. Medical certificate received no later than 3 months ago (absence of all types of hepatitis, tuberculosis, HIV infection) + its translation 9The certificate can be made in Cherkessk too).

Step 2 - Submit your visa application. Please note: the visa process takes about 25 days.

We will send you an invitation letter from the Academy to email address or WhatsApp.

You need to apply for your visa as soon as possible and inform us about your arrival date (also via email or WhatsApp ).

Step 3 – come to NCSA, Cherkessk, Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Russia.It is located in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic of the Russian Federation. The nearest airports are in the Mineralnye Vody and Stavropol cities. Travel to Cherkessk by car will take around 3-4 hours.

Attention: please inform us in advance your arrival dates in Cherkessk.

Here in Cherkessk, you have to come to NCSA Migration department which located in Academy main building on Stavropolskaya street 36, 1st floor, office № 110. Bring passportall pagescopies (except blank ones), a visa and migration card copies toowith you.

Step 4 - Get a green card, medical certificate and insurance policy.

A green card must be obtained at the passport office in the migration department which located in the Cherkessk city, Oktyabrskaya street, 360G (have a photo, passport, registration and training agreement)

A medical certificate must be obtained at the ZARA clinic, at the address: Cherkessk, st. Umara Aliyeva, 31A.  Bring a passport, registration and study Agreement with you.  Medical services cost 5600 rubles.

Insurance policy located in the Cherkessk city, st.Dovatora, 84 (Insurance policy cost 5,500 rubles).

Step 5 – Take the exams (August 19 and 20, 2024).

ONLINE – exams will begin on August 19, 2024 at 10.00. You will get a link in 30 minutes before the exam starts.

Offline - applicants in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic should pass exams offline. Exams will start at 10 am August 20 by the address Cherkessk, st.Stavropolskaya, 35, building 2, room. 215, 222, 251, 252.